Monday, January 30, 2012

Grayson Horn: Chef in Training

Grayson had a wonderful Christmas at home this year, and was thoroughly spoiled by all his grandparents and his Uncle Austin.  As you can see he is already a master chef.  Just a few more years of training and he'll be cooking for us!

Which Jesus Do I Follow?

A disheveled looking middle aged woman sits down.  Her glasses look crooked and sit low on her nose.  I quickly take in the mismatched outfit and slumped demeanor, briefly thinking "If she would just take a little more time to put herself together.....".  In the following weeks God slowly convicts my heart as I learn the story of this "unkempt" woman of God.  She is the selfless caretaker of her elderly mother-in-law, who suffers from severe dimentia and cannot be left alone.  She also has a grown son that still lives at home, and is the sole maid and cook for the entire household.  It's so easy to be deceived and enticed by the world's priorities.  I am so grateful that I serve a loving and merciful God who reveals the dark parts of my selfish heart and draws me closer to Him. I'm reminded of the song by Todd Agnew, "My Jesus".  The words cut straight to the selfish recesses within my heart that God is forever bringing to light and replacing with His holiness.

And who is this that you follow?
The picture of the American Dream
If Jesus was here would you walk right by to the other side?
Or fall down and worship at His holy feet

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music Box

One of Grayson's favorite toys is his German music box that was mine when I was little.  He loves touching the birds on the top as it spins around!

Turning Lemons into....Lemon Bars!

So this is my favorite lemon bar recipe of all time.  I can't take the credit-it belongs to the Barefoot Contessa.  Had a 5 lb bag of lemons (one of my latest Costco finds) and needed to do something with 'em before they went bad.  They're a huge hit with Grayson, and as you can see he also enjoyed the whip cream!